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Error: story won't open

Hey all!

So I'm using Twine 1.3.5 (old version, i know) for Windows 8.1, and I open up one of my story files this morning only to be greeted with this error message: "An error occurred when opening your story ('\x00')."  The program then unceremoniously closes, and I can't open my story.  This only applies to this one particular story file; my other ones open with no trouble.  Is there any way to fix this, preferably without losing my work?

Thanks so much!


  • I occasionally get opening errors as well but have found that if you simply rename the file and retry it usually does the trick. then you can change it back afterwards to the original filename if you wish. You may also need to move it into a subfolder
  • If you have built a HTML version of your story it is possible to rebuild your TWS file from that using this converter to first create a TWEE version of your story and then using Twine's File > Import Source Code option if make a TWS version of the TWEE file.

    If you were using the 1.4.2 version of Twine then you would be able to convert the HTML file into a TWS file directly via its File > Import > Compiled HTML File option.
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