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Export in .xml

Is that a way to export a story in XML?


  • You did not state which version of Twine you are asking the question about but the answer is currently the same for both versions.

    Currently there is no built-in way to do this but there are third-party software application/tool that transform HTML files into XML by extracting information from one file, converting its format and saving the result into a second file. These tools require you to know what you are doing as you have to define what you are looking for and how to transform it into the format you want the output to appear in.
  • Thanks for your answer!

    And well I use a 1.4.2 version.
    I would have preferred it directly included in Twine, I did not have the courage to do it myself :D
  • At least now there is to some extend, only the XML declaration and a root element are missing.
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