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Rider In The Mist (Violent Sword and Sorcery Game)

edited January 2015 in Workshop
Enjoy playing and Happy New Year!

If you want to know more about this game, please see these posts in my blog:





  • I clicked the all-caps, "PLAY NOW," but it took me to this page, and from there, I'm not certain where the game link is.

    Also, when I clicked on the all-caps UPDATE, it 404'ed. Looks like you added an accidental "/http:/" at the end of the link. However, fixing that just takes one to the page I liked above wherein I could find no game.

    Looking around, I found this page, but from there I saw no direct link to the game, either.

    I will note that I've been to your blog before. I recognized it immediately. Unfortunately, I don't remember why or how I reached your site.
  • Hi

    What a cock-up!

    Checking now.


    Sorry about that - I've been moving a lot of stuff around.


  • Reviews starting to roll in at IFDB:


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