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Weekend challenge?

I enjoyed the challenges that Sharpe posted last year (23 and Flash), and (for me, at least) there's a holiday weekend coming up. Is anyone interested in a challenge over MLK Day weekend? That's Jan 17-19.

I liked the challenge being structural, and seeing the ideas people came up with, rather than setting a genre/topic challenge. Buuuut I don't have any ideas. BRAINSTORM AWAY.


  • Sorry I haven't been around that much in, like, a year. Just haven't been motivated to work with Twine. My hobby interests come and go in year-long cycles.

    You have my blessings, though! Hope a good challenge will be made!

    For the record, my next suggestion would have had something to do with Twine 2. So, that's my suggestion. That, and to keep it simple.
  • I'd be up for a good old-fashioned challenge.  :D
  • How about users create and share videos on the best pieces of story making /coding that they can offer for Twine 2?
    I've made a few videos

    myself but I'm totally new to Twine and many of my vids are just pleas for HELP!

    Specific coding ideas/demonstrations:
    • best  practices for images
      best practices for .js/ .css in Twine 2
      how to get user input
      how to log where users have been
      how to keep score
      favorite place to market/sell/upload Twine 2 stories
      how to create/manage inventories
  • writer_, I think your idea is a great thing to do! It isn't what I meant by challenge, but it would be an excellent way to build resources.

    If people are interested in a Twine 2 related challenge, that's also great. I might give it a small try, but Twine 2 hasn't appealed to me, so I'm not sure I'd get very far, ha!

    I've been trying to think of how to acknowledge Twine 2's release without making the challenge "Work in Twine 2." Something with 2? Pairs?
  • I'm also not a big fan of Twine 2 (though I could probably stand to learn some Harlowe formatting) and was hoping to do something more story-ish in nature (I'm not big of coding myself). I do like the idea of a nod to Twine 2 using the idea of duos or pairs... maybe even just that simple theme can be interpreted however the challenger likes. In this case fewer guidelines might help and allow for more varied submissions.
  • Sorry for double-posting, but anyone still on for the 17th?
  • Yes! I'll make a proper post when I get home in a few hours. :D
  • Glad to hear it. There's actually a game jam in my area this weekend too, so I'm going to try to do... both? Combine the two into one project? Not sure yet, but it just means working on more great projects...  ;)
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