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(move:) example from the page no longer works [Harlowe bug?] has this to say about (move:)

[quote]its main intended use is with arrays: (move: $x's 1st into $y) will remove the item at index 0 from the array and set $y to it

I used that in the past (around December 24-27) and it worked, but now
(set: $y to 0)
(set: $x to (array: "The first element","The second element","The third element","The last element"))

(move: $x's 1st into $y)
results in the error

[quote]You can only use positions ('4th', 'last', '2nd-last', etc.) and 'length' with a an array.

The problem seems to be limited to (move:) because
(print: $x's 1st)

[quote]The first element

Not sure whether this is a bug or the documentation is out of date.


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