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Macros appear in Play with Sugarcube Format?

Hi. Super new to Twine here. I've started experimenting with variables and I noticed that when you write them in Harlowe they won't show up in Play but when I switched to Sugarcube for some styling purposes they don't go away. Any ideas how to fix this?


  • An example of what you're trying would help.
  • I'm also new to Twine and also having the same problem.  In Twine 2.0 I turned on Sugarcube.  Then I copied this text (an example given in the Harlowe documentation) into a new passage:

    (set: $alive to $heartbeat > 0 and $breathing)

    You find yourself in a dark, $alive[spooky ]part of the dungeon.

    $alive[You sniff the air cautiously. Ghost odours abound.]

    When I test the story starting from that passage, it just prints the text back to screen verbatim, rather than run the script.  However, if I turn off Sugarcube and instead turn on the Harlowe format, the scripts work.  Do they only work in Harlowe format?
  • Each of the three story formats (Harlowe, Snowman2 and SugarCube) available for Twine 2 have their own macro languages.

    The SugarCube documentation can be found here.

    A similar example for SugarCube would look like the following:

    <<set $heartbeat to 1>><<set $breathing to true>>

    <<set $alive to $heartbeat > 0 and $breathing>>

    You find yourself in a dark<<if $alive>>, spooky<</if>> part of the dungeon.

    <<if $alive>>You sniff the air cautiously. Ghost odours abound.<</if>>
  • Thanks for your help!
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