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Twine 2 on Android

edited January 2015 in Help! with 2.0
Got a new Nexus 7 to play with this week. Tried Twine 2 on it and almost very impressed:

Loads in archives from drop box perfectly fine. A massive advantage over the iPad.
JavaScript runs faster so performance is better.

And unfortunately the extreme wide screen format causes an issue with the on screen keyboard. My stupid apple keyboard won't connect to the tablet so I tried the good old on screen keyboard. But because Twine 2 locks scrolling, you can't get rid of the address bar. This means the typing area is trapped under the keyboard and stays there no matter what.

Whilst I understand the workaround is to just get a keyboard connected, it means I can't whip out the tablet now and then and adjust a few clumsy sentences or rename some links.

Is there a special trick I can use to edit with the on screen keyboard or is this a feature request?


This is using chrome by the way. The default way to go fullscreen is to scroll down.


Oh wait, I haven't tried using it vertically... FFS, the input box is too wide and I can't scroll to see text at the sides. Aargh.


Keyboard finally paired and works fine by the way (install latest Android and get any other devices to forget the keyboard or else it will hide itself). Editable text area -just- fits in. So all good, but still, being able to use the on screen keyboard would really help in a pinch.


  • Dealing with onscreen keyboards has been difficult. The concept -- that while typing in a passage, you get a static text box -- has been kind of at odds with the browser UI, which at least on iOS wants to let you scroll around the page while typing if you like. I also haven't been able to find a way to detect how much screen space the onscreen keyboard takes up, either, which makes sizing the text box correctly a challenge.

    On top of that, I don't own an Android device, so testing is hard. So... help?
  • I think being able to type in portrait is enough. I'm working my way through Amazon's selection of keyboards (MiniSuit for Nexus 7 was awful, waiting for a Belkin tomorrow) and I don't recommend using touch keyboard as a standard for any kind of serious typing.

    So, measuring the input box I get 780px. Would perhaps monitoring onResize and offering a skinnier input box in the event the width is less than 780 be okay? My Nexus is 720px allegedly - which sounds about right in respect to the amount chopped off.

    The kindle fire is 600px - I'd say that's a respectable minimum. Resolutions are only going to go up - so popping to a 600px wide box in the event of the browser being too thin would be reasonable. Any less is getting a bit silly - it's only an edge case after all.

    It's not going to matter too much to me soon if I get this keyboard case sorted out and I'm still finishing the story up on iPad. But being able to adjust stuff on an Android tablet is pretty cool. Especially as all the file stuff works far better than Apple's rubbish.
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