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Twine 1 to Twine 2 Quick Question

If I was working on a project in Twin 1 before the Twine 2 launch is there a way for me to see or get back that project so that I can migrate it over to Twine 2?


  • Each Twine 1 project is stored as a TWS file on your local hard disk, so unless you have deleted the file it should still be there.
    If you cant find your story's TWS file but do have a copy the HTML file you built using Twine 1's Build option then you can recreate your project file by using Twine 1's File > Import > Compiled HTML file menu option.

    Twine 1 & 2's project files are not compatible and currently the Import feature in Twine 2 does not support the format of either Twine 1 TWS or HTML files.

    An additional complexity to the problem is that (excluding SugarCube) the Twine 2 story formats (Harlowe & Snowman) are not compatible with the Twine 1 story formats, which means that all macros, CSS, and Javascript in your project would need to be reviewed and rewritten as needed. The SugarCube story format is mostly compatible between Twine 1 & 2 and it's documentation explains what has changed.

    I believe currently your best option is to run both Twine 1 & 2 applications and then use cut-n-paste to copy each passage from one application to the other, correcting the passage contents as you go.
  • For SugarCube projects in Twine 1 (or Sugarcane projects, I suppose, if you don't mind a little cleanup work), I've made a converter which will load a Twine 1 compiled HTML file and output a Twine 2 archive.


    Usage: Download and unzip the converter (it's a web app), double-click on it (or otherwise open it in a modern browser), select a Twine 1 compiled HTML file to convert.  Profit!

    • Twine 2 cannot handle projects with megabytes+ of embedded images, so don't convert those.
    • Versions of Twine 2 <= 2.0.2 have a bug which cause them to not import tags.  So, if your project uses lots of tags, don't try this with those versions or be prepared to add the tags back manually.  (As I write this, the current version is Twine 2.0.2, which has the bug.)
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