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Collaborative editing?


I am a technology + fine arts teacher for a middle school. I live at the intersection of tech and creativity and twine seems to have some awesome potential for my classroom. I also love that you have this online version! But it seems that it stores everything locally somehow? Are there plans for server storage and collaborative editing like google drive? Currently I do an interactive fiction unit using Google presentations so that I can have groups of 4 create something digitally all together, but I would love to transition over to Twine. With the coding capabilities, I could easily do a whole interactive fiction course centered around creative writing + web design but collaboration is very important. Or maybe I missed that multiple students ca indeed edit the same story from different computers?

If so, please let me know!


  • It seems like the only way you can share work on a single file is if you use "Import from File" and share it as an HTML file (via email, flash drive, etc). I'd love it if there were some form of real-time editing, though.
  • Hello
    I'm looking exactly for the same thing: I'm a teacher at the University of the Arts (Bern Switzerland), and I'm teaching literary writing with new technologies. Twine is a great tool, but collaboration would make it even greater!

    How to simultaneous access the same story by multiple authors?

  • Well... I guess the good news is that I'm not the only one wondering about the possibility of real-time collaborative editing in Twine; and the bad news is that so far it's not.
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