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Editing credits text

Hi! I'm wondering how I could edit the credits text (where it say "this game was made with Twine and Sugarcube"). I was digging for an answer to my question and found this thread: But I'd like to actually modify the credits text as opposed to simply add more credits, so my problem isn't solved by that thread. I make Twines in English and French, so I'd like to translate the credits message. As it is now, the English credits text sticks out like a sore thumb in French twines. Thanks!


  • Publish the finished version to HTML file, but before you upload it for playing online, open this HTML file with Notepad++ or another HTML editor, do a search for "Made with" and then simply change the text and save. Then upload this altered version to your web server for playing.
  • Put something like the following in a script tagged passage:
    $("#ui-bar #credits").empty().append('Fabriqu avec <a href="" target="_blank">Twine</a> &amp;amp; <a href="" target="_blank">SugarCube</a>');
  • Thanks for the solutions! I edited the text of the HTML and it worked. Didn't know that was possible
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