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My first game and work in progress (Harlowe, Twine 2.0.8)

Hello people of Twine. Call me ChocoChoco (and a novice)!

I want to show you my first game I made. First! So don't get mad at me for being so bad.

FIRST OF ALL, I put in a lot of code and if commands, either commands, etc. and there may be some errors. I probably didn't look too carefully. If that so happens, please tell me right here in the comments. I'll check the problem and make sure everything is all right.

SECOND OF ALL, oh come on, take it easy on me. I'm still young (really young) and learning! Give me some constructive feedback, of course. Not destructive. But I know everyone here is nice and not just someone that says, "you stoopid" or something like that. So I guess I won't have to worry about that.. hope I'm not jinxing anything..

THIRD OF ALL, enjoy. This is a pirate-RPG, inspired by one of my favorite writers, peter123 (in textadventures), and, though someone beat me to the genre, I still want to show it. Give me your honest opinions, and I'll try to work on that.

And if the issue is the graphics or design.. WELL..

Oh, yes, I named the game Land, Ho!



  • Unfortunately, you can't give us the link the editor has since the story is not saved in our browsers.
    You'll have to archive and repost somewhere.
  • As stated by Orinks, to make your story available to others you first need to use the Publish to File option to create a story HTML file, once you have that HTML file you can either:
    a. Upload it to a site like Dropbox (Google Doc, MEGA, etc) for others to download and play off-line.
    b. Upload the file to a web-hosting site like Philome so people can play it online.
  • I see. I wish I knew sooner, but sadly, my browser history is cleared and I can't retrieve the story. Thank you for seeing this post itself.
  • At anytime did you use the Publish to File option at any time to save a Story HTML file or the Archive option to create an Archive HTML file?

    If you did then you can use the Import From File option to re-create your story again from either one of those files.
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