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Making some text fade away

Hello! I am a complete newbie here and I don't even know how not to be annoying. So apologies if this is annoying.

I am trying to write a poem which consists of a page of text which should then fade away to leave only a dozen or so words. Can I do this on twine? If so how?

Cathy x


  • To clarify a little bit, would the words fade out on their own, or require some kind of interaction to make that happen?

    In general, this sounds doable with Twine, though it may not be the best fit out there for this task.
  • You don't have to apologize for not knowing, that's what we're here for :)

    The closest I can think of is (search for "erase text"). If you're fine with text disappearing instantly, you could make it go to a new page on a timer, a page with certain words removed. But yeah, let us know a little more detail and we can help better.
  • Here's my professional solution. Put this in a stylesheet (preferably a tagged stylesheet):

    .passage:not(.transition-in) :not(.nofade) > .char {
    transition: 10s;
    -webkit-transition: 10s;
    Put these HTML tags around the words that should not fade:
    <span class="nofade"></span>
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