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Side-by-side configuration problem

Hey all,

I'm excited to start working with Twine, but I've run into a problem before I'm even able to open the program. After installation, when I clicked on the icon, I got this message: "The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect." I've no earthly idea what to make of that.  Did anyone else have this problem?


  • I am having the exact same problem. I was running Twine 1.3.5 before, and I uninstalled it, cleaned out every registry file even to do with Twine, and even deleted my old Twine files (nothing lost there). And it still gives me the same message.

    EDIT: I am running Windows 7, 32-bit version, and I even reinstalled the packaged files. Nothing.
  • I too am having this same issue. Windows Vista, 32-bit. After Googling the issue, I reinstalled (and deleted registry values for) many Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables, to no effect. (I DO have a few Steam games running that weren't before, so that's a nice plus I guess!)

    I was hoping to download an older version to see if this was just an issue with 1.4; I HAD a previous version (I want to say 1.3.5) but I recently had to reinstall Windows so I can't say for certain that it used to work on this system.
    I found an installation for 1.3.5 and it's running just fine. :) So it's just an issue with 1.4 apparently.
  • I thought that installing it in XP compatibility mode might do something, but it didn't. Nor does running it in any particular compatibility mode.
  • The side-by-side configuration problem ("application configuration" in WinXP) is generally caused by not having the correct runtimes for the program in question.

    The manifest for Twine 1.4 claims to require the VC++ 9 runtime, however, its Windows installer includes a redistributable installer for the VC++ 10 runtime.

    I'm, currently, unsure if Twine 1.4's manifest is wrong or the wrong VC++ redistributable was packaged into the installer (it's probably the latter though, since the Twine installer should silently install the VC++ 10 runtime).

    Try downloading and installing the VC++ 9 runtime (which came as part of Visual Studio/C++ 2008):
  • Bingo! That's the ticket! Thank you, MadExile. You're a godsend.

    I KNEW it was a Visual C++ thing, by the side-by-side error, but I assumed it was the way that Twine.exe used the resources that were there.

    The funny thing is, I installed the 2012 C++ pack, but it never occurred to me to install the 2008 one. C'est la guerre.

    So now we've got a fix. You're an angel.
  • Thanks for the help, TME. Also sorry for the fuss, everybody.
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