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Lock Tumbler Stanzas, Ideas Welcome

Here's a thing I'm working on that involves stanzas of poetry set up like tumblers on a combination lock. Love some feedback.


  • Not bad. A version that generates a poem for every combination - and maybe changes the color based on how many actually line up correctly - might be interesting.

    Needs a language warning :-(
  • That's a really cool idea. I like the mechanic. It's a little buggy for me, sometimes they don't change but maybe I'm just clicking too fast. Can you post the code? I'd like to see how you did it.
  • Sorry about the language! Shoulda posted that. Wasn't thinking...
    I like the ideas about changing the colors, too. Thought of that but don't really have the coding chops to pull it off.
    I'll attach a copy of the twine file if you wanna take a look, k3. Yeah, it's pretty rickety. All I did was make it so that the text didn't fade in or out when you click on a link. Then it takes the links a second to reset, I guess.
    Thanks for the feedback!
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