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Hi. I'm new here.

Hello. I am just starting to use Twine for class, and I'm falling in love with it (and IF in general). As you might be able to tell from my name, I am a Doctor Who fan (who already writes non-interactive fanfiction), so right now I'm making a DW Twine game, though later on I plan on making original stuff. I've only been working 30 minutes or so, and already I can tell it's quite a bit of work. I literally am going to have to layout the corridors the player goes through (this is most likely obvious to experienced Twine users, but it's all new to me). Anyway, I look forward to making more games in the future!


  • Hi!

    I am relatively new here, but I'll write my welcome message anyway.
    I am really looking forward to read and play anything Doctor Who related, do post your DW game here when you are ready. :)

    I'll be happy to also play your original stories, of course: I am a pretty avid IF reader.

    Have a good time here!
  • Welcome! :-)
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