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The Operator - A Tale of Wiretapping - (In Development)

edited September 2015 in Workshop

The Operator will be a graphic-novel set in a fictitious country in the year 1878.
The player will assume the role as a telephone operator working for the state, in which the player will connect calls upon request, via a switchboard. There is a twist however: There lies heavy political tension and civil unrest that can only be witnessed by listening. The telephone has become a new form of communication, and an appropriate means for plotting treason, suppressing political scandals, or promoting an illegal contraband cartel.

As an Operator, you are put in a position to eavesdrop on these supposed 'private' conversations by analog wiretapping, and either choose to act upon what you've witnessed, or remain a silent observer. You may become an agent of the state, maintaining order and authority by censoring calls between known traitors to the country, or you may become a voice of the people, intercepting political corruption and publicizing them via the National Newspaper.

This is a tale of lending your ear to the whispers in the wires.


This game is inspired by the multiple meanings behind the word 'Operator', courtesy of the Oxford Dictionary.
1. a person who operates a telephone switchboard, especially for a telephone company.
2. a person who is adroit at overcoming, avoiding, or evading difficulties, regulations, or restrictions.
3. a person who accomplishes his or her purposes by devious means; faker; fraud.

The game genre is best described as alternate history in a dystopian version of a Western State.


What does the Twine Community think about this narrative concept in production? Suggestions? Advice? Praise? Criticism?
The game is being built in Twine 1.4 Sugarcube, and is heavily reliant on graphics and writing (created by myself).

Current Progress:
Refining Design (Savegame, Passage Transitions, Aesthetic)
Revising Original Draft of the Full Narrative (Has several endings)


  • I like the theme a lot. If you need a play tester let me know.
  • The idea sounds brilliant.
  • edited September 2015

    A technical build is available for playtesting.
    It will eventually be packaged independently as a .exe using Node-Webkit
    The Technical Build itself only has graphics for the Tutorial and Initial Dialogue with the Antagonist. Therefor you'll be seeing a few black screens after the introduction.

    This Technical Build has been released in order to test for performance issues caused by either base game mechanics, or simply poor programming. I've experienced slowness with the client, but that may not be the case for other users.

    The game uses very high-resolution images (high-res, not high-quality), which may be the root of the performance issues. Nonetheless, you all will be able to experience a bit of the aesthetic style for the game, the tutorial, and perhaps (if it works) some snazzy royalty-free jazz music.

    Please notify me of any issues. (Also it'd be nice if you guys tested it on different resolutions to see if everything holds up)

    Attached is an .html Demo

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