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What controls the UI close button in SugarCube 1?

edited September 2015 in Help! with 1.x
I've noticed that the X button at the top right of the UI dialogue in SugarCube 1 is controlled differently than the actual UI dialog box. I've changed the jQuery in the header to remove the transition on the main dialogue box (I figured changing a few fadeTo numbers from 200 to 0 won't break anything), but the X button still fades in, and I cannot seem to locate it in the header or CSS.


  • This seems to do it:
    #ui-body-close {
    -webkit-transition: none;

    I guess in the absence of any custom rules it was reverting to some default.
  • The dialog closer fade in comes from the uiOpen() method (see: uisystem.js:681), specifically line 709 (see: uisystem.js:709). There is no fade out.
  • edited September 2015
    Thanks. Swore I changed that, but it didn't seem to do anything until I specified the css no transition. Mine was definitely longer than 50ms.

    But it's good to know I can still check the source files. Trying to read the minified header is... painful. :P
  • Yes. The easiest way is to go to the Source tab, then either filter by release branch (e.g. v1-release) or, if you're not at the branch's tip, by tag (e.g. v1.0.31).
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