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Issues with certain internet browsers

Using 1.42 straight (IE: the download straight off the front of the Twinery site, windows version)

I'm not sure this is even something I can fix, but, aside from the Chrome issue I'm aware of where some recent update broke the ability to use the "back" key in, but I've also been told about two to three steps into my game both Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge suddenly load a blank page, even though it works fine in Chrome (and I believe FireFox, I haven't tested). The page it links to doesn't have any setter links or anything different about it than the previous pages, and I haven't been able to tell what's going on at all in this regard, is there any answer available? Or is the answer just to label my stuff as not compatible with those two browsers?


  • You need to state which story format you are using, as answers can be different for each one.

    It is difficult to know what the issue is without debugging the actual story but if you use the F12 key to open the browser's Developer Tools and then select the Console tab you may see an error message explaining what happened.

    Another thing I would look at is the Title of the Passage that is not displaying correctly to see if it contains any non-standard characters like fancy quotes or dashes because may cause the story format to not be able to find the next passage to be display which could result in a blank page.
  • Okay, going to be honest, I'm not 100% sure what you mean by "story format," I just kinda booted up 1.42 after downloading it off the front site and I'm pretty sure just went with whatever the defaults are, so, er... Whatever those are? Sorry, I'll check if there's a way to, but I just don't know what information you're asking for there.

    As for direct errors, on Internet Explorer the only thing I can find is that they can't reach the page and want to check the URL: Make sure you’ve got the right URL: res://ieframe.dll

    Which is also the exact same error I'm getting on Microsoft Edge too, looking at the 12 menu just gives me the info for the "page not found" er, page, so I have no idea what's going on.
  • The story format is the part of Twine which defines the default look of your story, the syntax (the format) of the macros and the default list of macros available to you, it also defines the default features of your story.

    You can determine which story format you are using by first click on the Story menu item, then on the Story Format menu item, and then finally look to see which item in the list is selected. By default it will be Sugarcane.

    More information on using Twine 1 can be found on the wiki.

    As I stated in my previous comment without access to your actual story HTML file it is very difficult to tell what is happening, can you make a copy of it available?
  • Oh, okay, apparently the format defaulted to Sugarcane, er just like you said it did, so there we go.

    Uhm, as for that, let me see... I cut off the first section of pages and their related reference calls in summary form, so there'd be less to have to hunt through, it does generate the exact same error when I try to run it so it should do for diagnosing it, attached is the error check file in both the .tws and .html document form:

  • Your issue is a result of an incompatibility between the Sugarcane story format and Microsoft web-browsers, because of this Sugarcane is trying to store the contents of all your $variables as part of the URL in the location bar and there is a limit on how long a URL can be in Microsoft web-browsers. Once this limit is reached you will receive the error you are seeing.

    You can fix this issue by switching to the SugarCube 1 story format, which you can download from this site. Use the first link within the SugarCube – v1.0.31 section.

    Follow the following steps to the story format:

    1. Close down Twine 1.

    2. Locate the folder you installed Twine 1 into, within that folder is a sub-folder named targets.

    3. Open the targets folder, within that folder should be three sub-folders (named johan, Responsive, and sugarcane)

    4. Extract the contents of the ZIP file you downloaded into the targets folder, within the targets folder should now be four sub-folders. The forth folder should be named sugarcube.

    5. Restart Twine 1.

    6. Look at the Story Format list and select the SugarCube story format.

    Twine 1 has a number of special passages (passages with known titles), you can see a list of them by selecting the Story menu items and then hovering your mouse cursor over the Special Passages menu item. The contents of the StoryInit special passage is loaded before the first passage of your story is displayed, and is where you should be doing things like initialising your variables.
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    Nevermind this post, the information I wanted was right there when I opened up StoryInit. Thanks a lot!
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