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Automatic new passage generation

Is there a way to disable Twine 2's automatic generation of new passages when a link is created in the code?

I cannot believe I didn't ask this question a long time ago, and I'm surprised I can't seem to find an answer to it. My problem is that I'm using a very large number of links that point to the same passage, or even return the player to the same passage the link starts from. The limitations of the automatic generation of new passages for complex setter links mean that I'm often presented with 10+ garbage new passages to delete.


  • edited October 2015
    Not that I know of, I suggest adding a new issue on the project site asking that the Automatic Passage Generation feature be changed so that an Author can enable/disable it.

    A patch has been submitted to extend the link handling to understand Setter Links.
  • That's unfortunate. I'll review my use of the UI in general before I submit issues, since I have other gripes as well. The code that creates new passages also seems to be used to color passages red to indicate bad links, meaning that many perfectly functional structures get absolutely covered in red.
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