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Twine 2, Sugarcube 2 timer macro.

edited October 2015 in Help! with 2.0
So I want a timer of a sort for my twine game, but every custom macro I find doesn't work or returns errors. I'm guessing this comes from me using Twine 2 and it's sugarcube version, which I'll be honest confuses me. Twine 2 sugarcube is called Sugarcube 2 right? Even though Twine 2 says I'm using SugarCube 1.0.26...

Regardless of that I want to create some timed events to increase urgency of the players choice, I found a couple of "Timed" macros which would suit my need perfectly, but they kept returning errors so I can't use them. Does twine 2 have any kind of timed commands or macros?

For reference here's a link to the "timedloop" macro that I want but doesn't work due to "Elexists" not being define in it's script.
The macro here is old, 2013 so I assume it's made for twine 1 and it's sugarcube counterpart.
So to make the actual question, how can I make a timer that can set variables/refresh pages?


  • Which version of Twine 2 are you using?
    Is it the on-line version, the off-line web-version or one of the installable versions?

    I ask because the latest version of Twine 2 (2.0.8) comes with SugarCube 1.0.31, which you can see by selecting the Formats option on the Story List screen. So unless you manually installed SugarCube 2 yourself it is unlikely you are using it.

    Macros and Commands are not defined by the Twine application itself (1 or 2), they are actually part of the story format which is why choosing a story format is important. So custom macros written for one story format generally wont work in another without modification.

    If you are using SugarCube 1.0.31 then on it's website is a link to the <<replacelink>> macro set [ZIP archive] which I believe include a set of time based macros.

    If you are using the latest version of SugarCube 2 then you could use the <<timed>> macro.
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    Thank you for your quick response.
    Those macro's definitely seems usable, thank you.

    I'm using the Offline installable version, it's 2.0.8. But it says I have SugarCube 1.0.26. Which is not Sugarcube 2, right? Is there any reasons for me to uppgrade to Sugarcube 2? If I do so would it ruin my existing (1.0.26) stories?
  • The main visual difference between 1 and 2 is the sidebar, it can now be minimised.

    There is a page on the SugarCube 2 website that covers possible issues when converting from 1 to 2 (click on the Upgrading to release 2.0.0-beta.8 or later link), but if you are not using any of the things listed on that page it should be fairly painless.
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