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[Twee2] Twee2 0.4.2 released: now stable & documented! (command-line interface for Twine 2 authors)

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The month before last, I told you about a project I'd started to make a Twee-syntax-capable compiler that produces Twine 2-style output: Twee2.

I'm pleased to say that, at version 0.4.2, Twee2 is now stable. It's got easy installation instructions for Windows, MacOS, and Linux, a two-minute tutorial to show you what it's about and get you up-and-running, and full documentation for when you're feeling more adventurous. Oh, and the whole project is open-source, of course.

If you're the kind of person who prefers to do their editing in a text editor like Sublime or TextMate, or if you want to be able to use source control to collaborate/back up what you're working on, or you want to be able to use languages like HAML, Coffeescript, and SASS/SCSS to write the interactive parts of your story... give Twee2 a go. And please do let me know what you think: I'm keen to enhance it to help the community, and I'd also be delighted to integrate any constructive patches by other developers. Thanks!

(oh, and here's my blog post explaining why I decided that this project was necessary)


  • Hey Dan_Q, I actually checked your tool and set it up to make my new 12-month project with it last weekend. :)

    Twine is great in lots and lots of ways. But there are corner cases where extra tools can be preferrable. In my project there will be zero direct links between passages, so no lines in the Twine UI, so no pretty schematic bird's view of my story's structure (which, even if I used direct links, would look like an incomprehensible spaghetti). That's why I will use Twee2, allowing me to use folders and files to give structure to the materials.
  • Thanks for the feedback, Menti. Do let me know when you release your new project, if you do so publicly: I'd love to plug it as having been "made with Twee2!"
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    You can count on that!

    (Unless the project kills me. I haven't ruled out that possibility yet.)
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    One question, Dan_Q (more a feature request, I'm afraid): is there a way to tell Twee2 to include multiple files without actually writing all filenames one by one? Something like ./folder/*.twee. I'm not sure how many files I'll end up with, but I'll be surprised if it is lower than a couple hundred... Thanks!
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    Hey Dan,

    I love this. We're using it for a project right now. My co-writer is currently on another continent, so this is almost the only way for us to work.

    Our approach is a little different as we're writing our script in Scapple so we have a visual overview of what wer'e doing, and then we export to txt, and compile with Twee2.

    It is fantastic.

    I've also written a simple bash script to compile everything for me, including writing out special passages. e.g.
    echo "Building project @ " $DATE
    echo "::BuildDate" $Date > ./00-BuildInfo.txt
    echo "Build Date is" $DATE >> ./00-BuildInfo.txt

    And then I can have a option which says
    (display: "BuildDate")
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