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Twine 2.0 Linux Unexpected Identifier

Just some system details.
- Ubuntu 14
- Latest JRE installed
- Using latest Twine (downloaded today)

I am trying to set a variable $ai as part of a conversation system I plan on using in a story.

So in my first passage, story start, I have a (set: $ai to 0). In the next passage I have a couple of if statements.

(if: $ai gte 1)[ example ]

However when I run the story and I get to the passage with the if statement it spits out Unexpected identifier.


  • edited November 2015
    The Harlowe story format does not support operators like gte, you will need to use the Javascript equivalent operators like >=

    However you can use the to and is operators instead of Javascript's assignment = and comparison == operators.

    note: The Java JRE you have installed has no effect on Javascript, as the two languages are total unrelated.
  • Thanks. I will chalk this one up to kids been a nightmare and lack of sleep. Because looking at it the entire thing makes perfect sense again. I don't know why i got => and >= mixed up.... then I got myself into a frustration loop and couldn't see what I was doing.
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