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Noob who needs help.

So I found out how to add options in the side bar. So I added Equipments and Stats, but my problem is how do i make the readers go back to the lasst passage they were reading, before clicking these links?

I tried the <<back>> but if they click 4 times on stats and equipments, they will have to do back four times through these two passages.

Is there a way to save the last passage they were and use a return function to this last passage? It would be greatly appreciated as I would like to put a save and load in my twine.


  • This comment explains one method.
  • Okay it looks really good, I thank you very much.
    But where do I put the javascript? I use twine 1.4.2 with sugarcane, and cant see the story java script.

    and also, how to save and load as the reader?

    thank you again.
  • As explained by this FAQ question on the Twine 1 wiki, if you create a passage and assign it a script tag then the contents of such a passage will be processed as Javascript.

    Unfortunate for some reason I incorrectly assumed you were using the SugarCube story format, the Javascript you will need to use for Sugacane is:
    prerender["Menu Return"] = function () {
    	if (tags().indexOf("noreturn") === -1) {
    		state.history[0].variables.return = passage();
    and also, how to save and load as the reader?
    Sugarcane uses bookmarks to track the Readers choices, when the Reader wants to save their progress they first need to click on the bookmark link in the sidebar which in turn modifies/updates the URL in the web-browser location bar. Once the URL has been updated the Reader can then use the web-browser built in URL bookmarking feature.
  • Thank you very much for the help. :)
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