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Is there an easy way to convert twine 2.0 to twine 1.4?

I'm looking into using the UnityTwine package to make a visually interactive story out of an existing one. Short of rewriting it in twine 1.4, is there a way to convert the raw output from twine 2.0 to 1.4?
I have tried exporting to twee with twine 2.0 then importing into 1.4 but the links all get broken. The .twee export for UnityTwine needs to be in the 1.4 format. I have tried importing the html from 2.0 into 1.4 and that didn't wokr either.

I just wanted to check I'm not missing anything before I dive into rewriting the whole thing.


  • You could try using the decompile option of the Tweego command line utility written by TheMadExile, it can be used to create a twee file from a story HTML file.
  • TweeGo cannot currently decompile stories published by Twine 2.
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