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How to make a custom prompt text input window?

Hello. And thanks in advance for any assistance with this request. I'm using Twine v2 with Sugarcube v1 and I would like to know how to customize the prompt text input feature. What I'm currently using is this:

<<set $playerName = prompt ("What is your name, human?","Jack")>>

As you can see this prompt presents a question to the player for an input, which will set the player's name accordingly or use the default "Jack". But when the window appears, "prompt" is listed as the title. I don't want this to be visible. Rather, I would like the remove this title and simply have a window open that presents the question and text input field. Can someone help me with this, please?

If such an inquiry has already been presented, please direct me to the link and I will review. Thanks!


  • Is there a reason why you are not using the <<textbox>> macro?
  • The browser built-in prompt() function does not provide a way to alter its styling or titlebar. As greyelf says, you should probably look into the <<textbox>> macro.
  • Thanks. I appreciate the responses.

    Although I'm familiar with the textbox macro, I didn't want to use it for what I'm creating in Twine. The prompt feature gave me a way to be a bit more creative. But since I can't alter the styling or title bar of that function, I may reconsider textbox or pursue another route altogether.
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