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Quick Quesiton About Displaying Passages

Sorry for the ambiguous subject title, but I'm not sure how to word this question.

The way I give the player choices, they are all listed down at the bottom of the passage. For example:

[quote]You're in a room and it looks like this and has a bunch of doors and stuff.

What do you do?

Go through a door.

Sit down and cry.

Do something really cool.

Play the fiddle.

Well, let's say I want to give further options if the player clicks "Do something really cool," but I don't want to clear what's already on the screen. I'd like the further options to appear (indented) below "Do something cool" and move "Play the fiddle" down.

Is this possible?

If moving "Play the fiddle" down is a difficulty, perhaps I could make sure "Do something cool" is at the bottom. The main objective is displaying more options without clearing the screen.



  • Just use my <<replace>> macro, I guess.

    <<replace "Do something cool">>
    * [[Juggle coins]]
    * [[Moonwalk in a circle]]
  • I'll try that! Thanks, L!
  • Alright, I tried it out and it worked great! Your insert macro was exactly what I was seeking.

    I had like thirty options for the player, but only four or five needed shown at a time. Not only did it clean it up, it made it less overwhelming for the player.

    One question though, and I searched for "color" before asking; I need to set the "old" text the insert replaces to lime. Right now, it's nearly black. How should I go about doing that?

    By the way, total fan of Glorious Trainwrecks. Love playing the old-school games. I've read all about that KnP and how the guy who made it commented on your site and everything. No idea you had so much to do with Twine.

    Thanks again, L! You've been a great help.
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