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Twine crashed and is not opening.

Hi all. I started a project today on Twine 2 and it suddenly froze when I went to fix a typo in one of the titles. I figured I was okay because I'd been saving frequently, so I ended the task and tried to go back in. The program refused to open even after I restarted and after I uninstalled and reinstalled. I found the html file of the story I was working and managed to open it in the browser version but most of it is gone and just replaced with the title of one of my passages over and over. It looks the same in Notepad. My passage titles do show up when I start typing them so I'm hoping all my work is buried in there somewhere. So my two questions are 1. Can I get Twine to open again and how? 2. Is there any way to retrieve everything I wrote? I believe I saved shortly before it froze.


  • edited November 2015
    Which version of Twine 2 are you installing?
    Which operating system are you running?
    Are there any error messages being displayed or in the operating systems event logs?
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