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The Story Format Could Not Be loaded. Also defaults to non-existing monitor. I'm using Linux

edited November 2015 in Help! with 2.0
I just downloaded twine and have made a basic two-choice story (yes/no) as a test. I made sure I selected a starting point by double-clicking the rocket on the starting point's outline box. When I tried to test the game I got an error that simply said the story could not load.

I went back to the main screen and clicked the "formats" button and it appears that none of the story formats could be loaded. This, I think, is where my "can not load" error is coming from. Why aren't the story formats loading? Do I need to download them from somewhere or do something to make them load? If it's not the formats, what should I look for?

Also every time I open twine or try to do any testing it tries to make the program load in "another monitor" when I only have one. I can make it go back to the only monitor by right-clicking and telling it to go to the "other monitor" but it's annoying to have to keep doing it over and over again. How can I make Twine default to my default monitor?

I am using a fresh install of the Twine I downloaded from the Twine website via the 64 bit linux download link.


  • If you once had an earlier version of Twine 2 installed and then upgraded to 2.0.10 then I suggest looking at the Can't find any story format files when running version 2.0.10 on Linux issue on the Twine 2 project website and see if prof_yaffle's work-around works for you.

    I suggest you create a new issue regarding your "another monitor" problem. List which brand and version of Linux you are using and any other details about your machine setup you think may help.
  • Yes, the work around of going into .config/Twine/Local Storage and deleting all localstorage files seemed to work. I'll also make a new issue about the weird monitor thing.

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