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Testing game from specific point?

I'm only a few passages into my game, but already I'm finding it very tiresome having to play through from the beginning, just to check if things in my later passages are functioning correctly.

The refresh option, where the game is kept open at a particular point, kind of works to a certain extent, but more often than not you need the passages to be in their original state, so starting afresh is the only option.

I really do not relish the prospect of having to play through dozens of passages, just to check on the most recently created ones.


  • Man this is getting embarrassing now. Please don't ban me.

    Everytime I post a problem I've been struggling with, I discover the answer for myself immediately after.

    It's the rocket ship icon, isn't it?
  • The rocket ship sets your starting passage. The icon you want is the bug (tooltip: "Test story starting here"). Hovering over each of the passage context menu icons should yield a description of what the icon does (i.e. their tooltip).
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