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Invisible stylesheet?!?

I'm very sorry to post another question following on quickly from another one, but I'm tearing my hair out over this one. My stylesheet passage has disappeared. That is, it still functions when you test the game, and if I try to make a new one with the same name Twine warns me of a conflict. But the stylesheet passage itself is nowhere to be seen when I'm in Twine. I've scoured the grid/space. I've looked behind all the other passages. Gone. Tried to google various phrases which might lead me to someone else experiencing the same issue, but couldn't find a hint of it.


  • Right, OK, panic over. Sorry. I used 'Find' to look for a phrase that was only in the stylesheet and it reappeared suddenly - on the far right bottom of the grid!
  • Hi, Focksbot.

    What does a stylesheet passage do, exactly?

    I add any styling I want to the main CSS, but I'm wondering if I'm doing wrong.
  • Hey Jud - I don't think you're doing it wrong. Some people will prefer to have all their css kept in one stylesheet passage (your main one), while others will split it across several just for the sake of tidiness. You might have one stylesheet passage with all your different kinds of link in, for example, and another that deals with the style attributes of macros.
  • Oh, I see. That's a relief.

    I have used tags in a couple of passages, so that I can target them individually from my main CSS, but that's about it.

  • @Focksbot
    One issue with spreading CSS (and Javascript) across more than one stylesheet (script) tagged passage is that you have no way to control the order those passages are loaded, which means if CSS in one passage extends CSS in another it may not always work correctly.
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