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How do I open my html story with Twine 2.0?

I didn't see this. But I made mistake, I think. I have made a huge Twine story called Slugs and Bugs, and I got a new computer. I thought I had read that Twine 2, you just use the html file to open in Twine.exe. Sooo, on my new computer, I downloaded my story from TFGames, and went to the html, but it says it finds no story! I need to keep adding to it. How do I open what I have already made?


  • I downloaded the Slugs and Bugs - Halloween 2015 file and extracted the Slugs and Bugs.html file from the archive. I was able to successfully import that HTML file as a story project using the Import From File option of both the on-line and downloadable/installable releases of the Twine 2.0.10 application.
  • OH! Ok, I see now. Thanks! It was because of my own foolishness. I got it to work now too. Thank you for helping me!
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