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Glitch - Looking for feedback

Hello I am looking for feedback or thoughts on this Twine mini-story I finished a few weeks ago;

Glitch is an interactive multimedia story game built in Twine exploring ideas of conciousness, memory, technology and the human soul.

You just want to know who you are, and how you got here….

Trailer Here -

Playable link on my website here

I also did a blog documenting the process of creating Glitch if that's of interest too.

Glitch is my first 'proper' twine story, I'm happy with the aesthetic style and most elements of the story itself.

It is what I would describe as a 'bit of a puzzle box mystery game' in that my intention was to send the player around in loops and get them to do a bit of lateral thinking, the story is structured so as to be enigmatic and mysterious.

It's only meant as a short game, but I'd be really interested in hearing different people's thoughts on it.
It has some interesting additional technical elements such as use of Video and WebGL, and I'd also be interested in getting feedback on how successful people think these are implemented and any bugs they encounter too (I've only really encountered issues on IE so far)

Finally I have a link here to glitch on ifdb if you feel like reviewing it.



  • I noticed the Twine "undo" button was still usable even if very hidden. Not sure if you want to find a way to get rid of it (it seems out of place for this concept).

    Otherwise the game seemed interesting, but I did get stuck wandering around the link until I was taken to a "zero" WebGL page. Before that it felt like I kept hitting the same pages over and over again, but maybe lost is the feeling you're aiming for in this game. I'll try it again a bit later and see if I can any further (I assume you can eventually get more security clearance?)
  • @noir_vortex
    A couple of technical suggestions:

    1. If you move the main font-family setting in your CSS from the body element to the html element it will effect the whole story which means that you wont need to set it in other elements like p.

    Unlike a standard HTML document where all the other elements that make up the page are children (directly or indirectly) of the body element, Harlowe's main tw-story element is a direct child of the html element itself, which means that CSS associated with the body element is generally not inherited by the contents of your Passages.

    2. A simple way to hide the tw-sidebar is to change it's display attribute to none.
    tw-sidebar {
        display: none;
  • Brwarne - first, thanks for playing. I wanted the structure of Glitch to be maze like and contradictory - the whole ideas is that you get stuck in loops / glitches if you will and go round and round in circle with no resolution. Therefore an Undo button would not make sense within the system of the game. On the ending comment, yeah at the end you the meaning is that you become a head in a box in that scene - there is now way out but to close your internet browser, lost in a digital wasteland (the ghost in the machine ideas that the story hints at)
  • greyelf wrote: »
    A couple of technical suggestions:

    Yeah probably a schoolboy CSS error from me - still not entirely sure how CSS needs to be structured in Twine - a lot of the classes I am unfamiliar with so it mostly guesswork and checking with Web Developer plugin on Chrome on my part.
  • Opps just realised I completely misread your response - I meant that if the sidebar is still there I will follow greyelf's suggestions and use tw-sidebar:none; Thanks People!
  • Just for giggles and for some insight into my testing process
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