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Why is Twine not downloading on my computer?

I am trying to download Twine on my computer, however, every single file I attempt to download is not working.


  • edited December 2015
    I am going to assume you are using the Download 2.0.10 link on the website.

    1. Which operating system (brand, version, 32/64bit?) are you using?

    2. Is there a error message and if so what does it say exactly.

    3. When you say the file is not working, do you mean:

    a. You click on the Download 2.0.10 link and the installer file does not start downloading.

    b. You are able to download the installer file to your local hard-drive but when try to run the installer it does not install the Twine 2 application.

    c. You were able to install the Twine 2 application but when you try to run the application it does not start up.
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