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Is there a site which has a comprehensive list of games made with twine 2?

I'm wondering if there is any sites which provide a list of games made with twine 2. Preferably which allows you to filter by the story format used. It's for my site about Twine 2/Harlowe, I'd like to add a link to a list of games made with it.

I've looked at IFDB and twinehub, but these both lump games made with twine 1 and twine 2 together without any way to tell which version or story format was used. With IFDB searching for the tags harlowe, twine2 or the system twine harlowe only returns one game.


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    Not that I know of, bit then again I did not know of TwineHub.
  • I figured that was the case. It seems a bit strange that IFDB doesn't differentiate between Twine 1 and 2 given the fact does for different versions of other systems.
  • Probably because the version of Twine used is irrelevant (save for limiting choices of story format).

    For many (most?) other IF systems the story/game engine is tied to the compiler/IDE, so their versions are an easy/necessary metric to use. Twine, however, is simply an IDE (or compiler, in the case of Twee-a-likes), which is about as loosely coupled to the actually story/game engine (the story formats) as you can get.

    TL;DR: Is doesn't matter whether you compile your story/game with Twine 1, Twine 2, Twee, TweeGo, Twee2, Braid, others-I'm-definitely-forgetting, they're all "Twine" as far as the IFDB is concerned (which likely boils down to, "some HTML engine, compiled by some Twine/Twee-a-like").
  • I suppose that makes sense. So the upshot is I'll have to make my own list of games which use Harlowe.
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    greyelf wrote: »
    Not that I know of, bit then again I did not know of TwineHub.
    scrap comment
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