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Weekly SpeedIF Competitions

I'm an old school parser IF guy that started this thing called speedIF. The idea is that a bunch of people get together and come up with MadLib like parameters and you have a couple of days to make an IF including as many or all of those parameters.

I created a site for picking parameters, chatting, and uploading your stories (zipped twine stories or links work).

They will run Sunday to Saturday and I'll be online at 6pm UTC to pick params with whoever shows up.

Join if you're interested. It's a great way to bust out short stories and hone your skills.

It's more of a fun thing than a "comp" as there are no prizes (other than leveling up in your artistic life).



  • We convened on and came up with the following paramters:

    "Something that happens in five days"
    "David Bowie"
    "Mysterious Arctic"
    "Cookie monster's girlfriend"

    optional: "brainwashing","breaking up"

    Stories can be uploaded through Saturday, February 6th. Next parameter meeting will be Sunday, February 7th, 18:00 UTC.

    David C.

    "It boots nothing to avoid his snares, for they are forever beset by other snares."
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