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Basic font question

Hello folks. I'm pretty new to the program, as well as coding in general.

I have what seems like a REALLY simple question. Is there a way to chance the font of your entire project at once?

Thank you!


  • You need to state which Story Format you are using when you ask a question, as answers can be different for each one.

    The following CSS will change the default font-family for a story to Verdana, it needs to be placed within a Stylesheet passage.
    body {
    	font-family: Verdana, sans-serif;
    ... obviously you would replace Verdana with the name of the actual font you want to install.

    If the font you want to use is not one of the ones that are commonly installed on Reader's machines then you will need to either include the font definition within your story or reference one hosted on a website.

    The following two Twine Wiki sections explain on how to do both of the above:
    a. How do I import a new font from my local computer
    b. How do I import a Google web font?

    note: You don't have to use Google Fonts, the import at-rule method works for other Font hosting sites as well.
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