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First Twine! Switch between multiple characters, phwoar!


Apologies if this is not the right place to post this, but check out my first public Twine. (:

It's very much a POC. I wanted to make a (very) short story with two characters where the player could switch between the two at any time. There are a couple of simple puzzles that require you to do certain things with both characters. Now that I know it's doable, I'd like to develop a larger story with more moving bits.

I found Harlowe to be pretty limiting in terms of JavaScript and CSS though, so may give one of the other formats a go.

Any feedback would be super welcome. I know the story could definitely do with a couple more passages to better signal certain events.



  • Oh, yeah, should have mentioned that there's a bad ending and a good.
  • I like the imagery and the text and all but I find the game super confusing. Is it complete?
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