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Typing animation that works with passage links?

edited February 2016 in Help! with 1.x
I recently found TME's wonderful typed.js integration module for SugarCube 2.

Typed.js (check it out here) works great for giving a "typed" effect to passages, but has the unfortunate caveat of breaking Twine's internal passage links:
You should only use non-interactive markup within typed sections. Due to the way Typed.js operates, any links or interactive macros placed inside typed sections will be rendered non-functional.

Hard-coded html ahref links still work, but internal passage links (dependent on javascript) break.

I've chatted briefly with TME by private message about whether there would be a way to make typed.js work with internal passage links, and he had this to say:
It would likely require hacking Typed.js to detect when it's just finished typing a tag (including the closing tag, if any), which creates an element in the DOM, and then looking up the original and replacing the new element with a copy of the original. That's probably harder to do than it sounds.

Being a javascript noob, this would likely take me a while to attempt.

There are handy css-only typing animation tricks that don't break passage links (for example, this one), but as far as I can tell, there's no way to get css typing animations to work smoothly and consistently with varying paragraph-length amounts of text... it seems that paragraphs always have to be split up manually line by line (at least for every demo I've seen).

So anyway, I thought I would go ahead and throw this out into the forum in case anyone else has tried to tackle this problem: has anyone discovered a typing animation technique that works with Twine's internal passage links, and also with varying-length paragraphs of text?

(I am currently using using Twine 1.4 and SugarCube 2, though am flexible there)


  • Well, I got this working with the following superhack:

    Duplicate the typed text (including links) within the same passage, using absolute css positioning with a container div so that the duplicate text overlays on top of the (to be) typed text. Set opacity to 0 for the duplicate text. Now you have invisible, clickable links sitting directly on top of where the unclickable typed links show up. Not pretty, but it works.
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