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Embed a video on Twine 1.4.2 for mac OS X

I have read this question but I really could not understand it, I tried just to repeat the various indications without any results.
I also tried to just drag the video like I usually do with images but obviously doesn't work, I also tried to embed a video from youtube, but I don't want the logo to ruin the video and if I remove the logo with modestbranding=1 then it appears the title to ruin the video...Could someone have a solution?


  • The Twine story formats do not include any built-in features for playing video files so you will need to use the same techniques used to show video in a standard HTML page.

    As suggested by the linked thread you can use a HTML video element to to play video files (both local and hosted).
    A very basic example, depending on what you want to do your video element may need to be more complex:
    <video src="your-video-file">Your web-browser does not support playing video files of this sort.</video>

    The Embed a video section of this Google Support page explains the basic steps used to embed a YouTube video. To use those instruction with Twine I would add one extra step between 3 and 4, and modify step 5:
    1. On a computer, go to the YouTube video you want to embed.
    2. Under the video, click Share .
    3. Click Embed.
    3a. Click SHOW MORE link below text field to see additional options.
    4. From the box that appears, copy the HTML code.
    5. Paste the code into the Passage you want to see the video in.
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    If the video is on YouTube, just click the "Share" icon, select embed and then copy'n'paste that into your code. You don't even have to worry about formats then (as long as they can view YouTube they'll see the video), and they can be set to autoplay. There is the downside that you have the YouTube controls when they mouse over it (I think you can at least minimise that to an extent) and the YouTube branding, but it saves you having to convert the video.

    There's also possibly a solution if you don't want it turning up in the search. You can mark a video so that it can only be accessed if you know the URL. Something to bear in mind though, if the material is copyrighted YouTube can find it and delete it or remove parts of it (most commonly the soundtrack - I had this happen to me a while back) regardless of whether the video is hidden from the search or not. Also, if it's copyrighted, it doesn't matter how you distribute it, it's still illegal if you don't have permission (yes I did slap my own wrist after it happened to me, too).

    ETA: You can also use YT as a source of music. Set it to autoplay, and then put it at the bottom of the page and set the width and height to 0.
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