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A great example game?

Sorry if this is the wrong section to put it in. I considered entering it into "Twine 2.0 Help" but I felt this was a bit too general...

What's your opinion of a good example game? This question obviously has no right answer (or all the answers are right, or whatever the ontologists decided) but my criteria are:

1.) It should ideally be fun

2.) It must have accessible documentation (so when we see a cool feature, we can look up the HTML or even import it and see how that hot stuff was cooked)

3.) It should have some interesting design or features - there are plenty of tutorials on making dungeon crawlers and what a variable is, but for a self-professed and temporarily proud n00b such as myself, seeing it in action is the bee's whiskers in terms of learning stuff

So, what are your thoughts? Alternatively, what game helped you fall in love with twine?
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