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Is it possible to create an ongoing collaborative narrative in twine?

I have more than a few ideas that involve creating an initial network of storylines and allowing readers to add different possible continuations from each point written. Ideally the readers would be able to work off of each others work, with the exception being when a particular choice is already marked as "The End". Any idea how I could do this/ anyone interested in helping?


  • I am brand new to Twine, using it with 4th/5th graders, and would love to be able to include this feature. If there is a strategy to make this happen, I would be very interested!
  • Right now I am doing something very similar with a group of university students in a German class. We started off one paragraph (which I wrote) and kept developping different plots. Students write new paragraphs either in class or at home, I update the finished story.
    One thing I found very useful is formatting "active" (to be continued) and "inactive" (discontinued) paragraphs differently, so students know, which plots can be further developped and which not - after having voted for the most popular paragraphs in class.
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