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The Mystery of the Pig-Faced SUPERKILLER

A twisted horror adventure of domestic violence, betrayal, revenge, psychopaths.

Game link.

Any feedback welcome! I wrote/illustrated this while learning Twine today.


  • This is awesome! Unreliable narrator and dark humour work brilliantly as an interactive story. My husband played it after me, and despite experiencing the same storyline we had 4 different interpretations. Very immersive. Cool illustrations too!

    I'm working on an interactive novel with a similar style (constrained outcomes and characters, choices mostly govern immediate experiences). So it's great to see this style can work so well as an experience for the player.

    Noticed a couple of typos: Judy becomes Sandra on one page early on.
    "Finger his exposed brain" looks like it's meant to be an option near the end, but it's not.

    Have you considered adding some sound effects?

    I take it this was a trial run? Now I'm really curious to see what you'll do next!
  • Just noticed this comment! I'm glad somebody liked it! :D

    I'm curious about interactive novels, I wrote a novel and i'm torn apart trying to do it as a novel or graphic novel, can't decide! Very curious about your different interpretations between your husband, but it's been several months so... hahaha.

    Thanks again.

  • For future projects you give links to, I suggest you do what I do. Obviously you copied your link of where you can play the game, but if you add /play onto the end, the link will automatically send you into the game.
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