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Need help modifying typewriter script for images (sugarcube, twine 1.4.2)

Hi, I'm currently using the t8n.typewriter script from glorioustrainwrecks for a write-on effect, but my problem is this script applies to an entire passage, and I'm making a story with images - applying the transition to every passage makes the image flash distractingly. I'd like to modify the script to either ignore images, or only apply to specified text.

This is the script:


  • I don't know the answer to how to handle the images but I think that that Glorious Trainwreck script is for Sugarcane, not SugarCube.

    I believe you should be using the typed.js integration module [ZIP archive] script which can be downloaded from either of the SugarCube websites. (v1.x or v2.x)
  • I dunno, it works fine for me in sugarcube, except that images will pop since they're popping on the same as characters. My problem with typed.js is that it won't work with links as part of the text, requiring huge amounts of workarounds.
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