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[Twee][Sugarcube] Error: cannot find the StoryTitle special passage

Hey all. I am trying to build a game using Twee (Version from Sep 1, 2014) SugarCube 2 (v2.6.1) on OSX 10.11.4 (15E65). I have a text file 'Demo.txt' with the following content:
:: Start
Some text goes here

:: StoryTitle
Title of the Game
Twee builds without error, but the built html page gives me this error:
Apologies! A fatal error has occurred. Aborting.

Error: cannot find the StoryTitle special passage.

Stack Trace:
e@file:///Volumes/San Disk/Dev/Twee Test/Demo.html:150:3479
@file:///Volumes/San Disk/Dev/Twee Test/Demo.html:150:22998
n.Callbacks/i@file:///Volumes/San Disk/Dev/Twee Test/Demo.html:64:27060
n.Callbacks/j.fireWith@file:///Volumes/San Disk/Dev/Twee Test/Demo.html:64:27828
.ready@file:///Volumes/San Disk/Dev/Twee Test/Demo.html:64:29619
J@file:///Volumes/San Disk/Dev/Twee Test/Demo.html:64:29804
Building in SugarCube – v1.0.35 gives me this error:
Apologies! A fatal problem has occurred. Aborting.

Error: cannot find the StoryTitle special passage.
Using sugarcane builds and runs fine. I've also tested Twee2 and it works if I incude a ::StoryIFID[twee2] passage. Has anyone experienced this? Is there something missing in the tweecode file?


  • note: The following was done using Python 2.7.10 on Windows 10.

    I was not able to obtain a copy of the Twine/Twee source code dated Sep 1, 2014 so I had to use the 1.4.2 tagged source code and the latest master (1.4.3 alpha) source code to run my tests instead.

    I installed the latest version of SugarCube 2.6.1 released for Twine 1 within the relevant targets folder/directory for each version of Twee.

    I used the following command to compile with, changing which version of Twee was referenced as needed.
    twee -t sugarcube-2 Demo.txt > Demo.html

    I was not able to reproduce your issue.
  • Thanks greyelf. Apparently the issue was the version of Twee I was using.

    I originally used the binary twee available at with the last commit made on Sep 1, 2014. I downloaded that project, downloaded SugarCube 2 (v2.6.1) and placed the extracted header folder in targets, then ran
    twee -t sugarcube-2 Demo.txt > Demo.html
    I just tried again by downloading and also the release version v1.4.2. Both are successfully building and don't give that original error in the output html, so it seems that the trouble is with what is available from the repo at Also I'm using the Apple provided python (Python 2.7.10).
  • Ha, I supplied fixes/extension for the Twine 1 project and didn't know that Twee repository existed. If I can get motivated I might take a look at it and see what is missing from/different to the master Twee that comes with Twine 1.
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