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Twine1: Customize Audio Controls

Hi all!

I am very new to coding and twine and have a project in Twine 1, Jonah Story Format. The game is a series of videos (no sound) where you can play and pause 3 different audio options for each video. My question is this: is it possible to use a simple png file of a number (ie 1, 2, and 3) to play/pause each audio file instead of the HTML5 audio controls default player? I don't need the option to scrub or change volume levels, and for aesthetic purposes would like to have a very simple object that the user can click to hear a sound. Any help is greatly appreciated!



  • Hi,
    this is possible : basically you would need to remove the 'controls' attribute of all your audio tags, so that the default audio controls are hidden.
    Then you'll have to add 3 images and each image can control your audio tags playback through the click event handler with a bit of javascript.

    Here is a fiddle with very basic code that shows how you can achieve that :

    Hopes this helps
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