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Why does the 'stylesheet' passage Prevent my story from building?

I currently have a moderately sized story that is still in production, however any time i create a stylesheet passage, even if it is blank, or filled with CSS it will prevent the story from building in test play or otherwise with the error:
"An error occurred while building your story."
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "storyframe.pyo", Line 907, in rebuild
File "tiddlywiki.pyo", Line 143, in toHtml
NameError: global name 'noDefaultCSS' is not defined
I am quite new to all this, so please go easy on me if this is an obvious issue, however it is driving me insane.

Note that i am unable to create even a single stylesheet, and i am currently using the "sugarcube" format.


  • That is a known bug* which is a result of the combination of you having both the "Include the jQuery script library" and the "Include the Modernizer script library" options enabled within your StorySettings passage, and you having a stylesheet tagged passage.

    There are a couple of ways to fix this depending on:

    1. If you are actually using the SugarCube (1.x or 2.x) Story Format:

    Simply delete the StorySettings passage, it is not used by SugarCube (1.x or 2.x)

    2. If you are actually using the Sugarcane Story Format:

    Edit your StorySettings passage an disable at least one of the two related options listed above.

    3. If you are comfortable with downloading and building your own up to date version of Twine 1.

    You can do this by obtaining a copy of the source code from the Twine 1 project repository.

    * That bug (as well as others) has actually be fixed but unfortunately a version of the Twine 1 application incorporating the fix(es) has not been released.
  • You Are a benevolent god sir, Thank you for your help. The presence of the 'storysettings' passage was indeed the issue.
    Thank you x 1000
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