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Jquery script works on only the first page loaded

I'm using this script, it works perfectly if I test the page it's on, or if I have it so it appears when "Start" loads. But if I run the entire story when I go to that page it doesn't change <div id="mygalone" class="svw"> to <div id="mygalone" class="stripViewer">

Which breaks it.
 * slideViewer 1.2
 * Examples and documentation at: 
 * 2007-2010 Gian Carlo Mingati
 * Version: 1.2.3 (9-JULY-2010)
 * Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses:
 * Requires:
 * jQuery v1.4.1 or later, jquery.easing.1.2

   jQuery("div.svw").prepend("<img src='' class='ldrgif' alt='loading...'/ >"); 
var j = 0;
var quantofamo = 0;
jQuery.fn.slideView = function(settings) {
	settings = jQuery.extend({
		easeFunc: "easeInOutExpo",
		easeTime: 750,
		uiBefore: false,
		toolTip: false,
		ttOpacity: 0.9
	}, settings);
	return this.each(function(){
		var container = jQuery(this);
		var pictWidth = container.find("img").width();
		var pictHeight = container.find("img").height();
		var pictEls = container.find("li").size();
		var stripViewerWidth = pictWidth*pictEls;
		container.find("ul").css("width" , stripViewerWidth);
		container.css("width" , pictWidth);
		container.css("height" , pictHeight);
		container.each(function(i) {
    (!settings.uiBefore) ? jQuery(this).after("<div class='stripTransmitter' id='stripTransmitter" + (j) + "'><ul><\/ul><\/div>") : jQuery(this).before("<div class='stripTransmitter' id='stripTransmitter" + (j) + "'><ul><\/ul><\/div>");			
		jQuery(this).find("li").each(function(n) {
		jQuery("div#stripTransmitter" + j + " ul").append("<li><a title='" + jQuery(this).find("img").attr("alt") + "' href='#'>"+(n+1)+"<\/a><\/li>");												
		jQuery("div#stripTransmitter" + j + " a").each(function(z) {
		jQuery(this).bind("click", function(){		
		jQuery(this).addClass("current").parent().parent().find("a").not(jQuery(this)).removeClass("current"); // wow!
		var cnt = -(pictWidth*z);
		container.find("ul").animate({ left: cnt}, settings.easeTime, settings.easeFunc);
		return false;
		container.bind("click", function(e){
			var ui = (!settings.uiBefore) ? jQuery(this).next().find("a.current") : jQuery(this).prev().find("a.current");
			var bTotal = parseFloat(jQuery(this).css('borderLeftWidth').replace("px", "")) +  parseFloat(jQuery(this).css('borderRightWidth').replace("px", ""));
			var dOs = jQuery(this).offset();
			var zeroLeft = (bTotal/2 + pictWidth) - (e.pageX - dOs.left);
			if(zeroLeft >= pictWidth/2) { 
				var uiprev = ui.parent().prev().find("a");	
				(jQuery(uiprev).length != 0)? uiprev.trigger("click") : ui.parent().parent().find("a:last").trigger("click");							
			else {
				var uinext = ui.parent().next().find("a");
			  (jQuery(uinext).length != 0)? uinext.trigger("click") : ui.parent().parent().find("a:first").trigger("click");
		jQuery("div#stripTransmitter" + j).css("width" , pictWidth);
		jQuery("div#stripTransmitter" + j + " a:first").addClass("current");
		jQuery('body').append('<div class="tooltip" style="display:none;"><\/div>');

		var aref = jQuery("div#stripTransmitter" + j + " a");'mousemove', function(e) {
		var att = jQuery(this).attr('title');
		jQuery('.tooltip').html(att).css({'position': 'absolute', 'top': posY+'px', 'left': posX+'px', 'display': 'block', 'opacity': settings.ttOpacity});
		});'mouseout', function() {

    $(window).bind("load", function() {

btw Chrome and SugarCube

And I'm using another script as well which works fine. (Magnific)


  • (and I don't know if easing has a problem but it's here if there's something I should change) it's just standard bounces, like the css type
  • edited June 2016
    Two issues with the activation part of that code:
    $(window).bind("load", function() {

    1. It is binding to the load event which only occurs once when your Story HTML file is first loaded, this means that that event is useless for doing things in any Story Format.

    2. The div element you are targeting does not exist until the Passage contain it is shown to the Reader. I also believe that the identifier your using is malformed/invalid.

    If you want something to effect a Passage that has just been show to the Reader then I suggest you look at the Task Objects, especially the postdisplay (PassageDone special passage) one.

    You could use a check for either the name of a particular or the existence of a particular passage tag to gate the execution of your code.

    eg. assign the passage(s) containing the #mygalone div element(s) a tag of slide-view and use code like the following to trigger the effect. The following code goes into your story's script tagged passage.
    postdisplay["Slide View"] = function (taskName) {
    	if (tags().contains("slide-view")) {

    NOTE: I am assuming that your slideView function is valid and works.
  • Thanks :D! I hadn't any idea how to use postdisplay with this script. In addition if anyone else needs this, since I'm using <<display>> instead of loading the page directly, put the slide-view tag in the page displaying, not the displayed page.
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