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Abandoned Harlowe Stylesheets - Free To Use!


I recently tried my hand at creating my own Harlowe CSS. I never got very far with them, especially when I ran into trouble identifying specific selectors, so none of them are perfectly skinned. However! I imagine that, with a little TLC from someone who knows better, my little experiments might be useful.

You can grab them all on! Read on for screenshots.


1. FIRST ISSUE. A style inspired by comic books. I abandoned this one pretty quick, but then, it was also my first attempt. Hopefully you can still make something out of it!


2. STARRY SEA. This one's supposed to have a sort of romantic-futuristic vibe.


3. VINTAGE LETTER. Getting the story to extend all the way to the bottom of the page took me several hours and a thorough scrubbing of the internet. I ditched this one out of rage. I don't ever want to touch it again, haha.


4. FROSTY FLOWERS. Inspired by cute visual novels/stationery. This might be the only one I actually like. Incidentally, it's also my most recent experiment! Hmm.


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