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Sugarcube 2 ease-in not working?

I'm using Twine 1.4 with Sugarcube 2, and using the <<timed>> macro for additional portions of text to appear within a passage. I haven't altered the Sugarcube stylesheet in any way. The transition for <<timed>> text is supposed to be the same as the transition for text on passage load (400ms ease-in), but for some reason, the text added with <<timed>> doesn't fade in, just appears abruptly. I've tested this across two computers and on both Chrome and Safari with the same result. Here's the passage text:
Welcome to Deerbrook, Massachusetts. Population 20,006. Not quite a sleepy town, but definitely still waking up. Too far from Boston to be considered part of the metro area, but close enough to make the drive worth it once in a while, if you can stomach the traffic.

<<timed 2s>>It could be worse. You could be in Connecticut.


So, pretty simple. I've also uploaded the (very small) build here (the above passage is the next passage from Start), if that helps. How can I make it so that the text transitions in properly?



  • This was meant to be posted as a question, but for some reason when I saved as draft and then went to post it it was posted as discussion instead, my apologies! :S
  • The default behavior of <<timed>> and <<repeat>> is to not use a transition. As noted in the documentation for <<timed>> you must specify the either the transition keyword or its alias t8n to request the transition.

    <<timed 2s t8n>>It could be worse. You could be in Connecticut.
  • Whoops, I must have misread the documentation then. Thank you, that worked!
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