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SugarCube playlist altering

Is there a way to add or remove tracks to or from a playlist without changing the current playlist state?

Eg currently it seems changing:

<<setplaylist "music1" "music2" "music3">>


<<setplaylist "music2" "music3">>

Will force a restart of the playlist.

I'm asking this because there are sometimes I'd like to only play music tracks at specific points and then update the playlist. But since I don't know when that music track will end, it would be easier to just queue up a playlist change.


  • Not at present, no. I suppose I could write you a custom version of <<setplaylist>> that didn't change the playback state of a playing playlist track. I don't think that would cause issues.

    SugarCube version?
  • edited July 2016
    Am still using version 1. I have the ui turned off so I guess upgrading to 2 wouldn't be a huge issue sometime (I'm guessing a few quick css changes and done), but game demo is almost out and I don't want to mess with it.

    If you could, that'd be excellent.
  • I sent you a PM—or three.
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